Anna Z.

大学: Oxford

专学: Classics

位置: Oxford

Classics: University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Admissions Test, Oxbridge Interview
A-Level: Latin, Greek, Classics
Pre-U: Latin, Greek, Classics

Oxford classics

Oxford CAT, Written Work and Interview perspective

The admission process involves three steps. After your Personal Statement, you are asked to submit two pieces of written work, which are normally e...
By Anna Zanetti.

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Oxford classics

Studying Classics at Oxford

Studying Classics at Oxford is a highly stimulating, challenging, and enriching experience. A four-year course, Classics offers students the chance...
By Anna Zanetti.

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Favourite interview question

"In your experience, what is the aspect of Classics you struggled with the most?"


I am a recent graduate from Oxford University with a First Class degree in Classics. I am hard-working, creative, and passionate about my subject.


My approach is to assist students in developing their own ways of learning. I try not to feed them with knowledge straightaway, but rather to help them get to the answer themselves. Having said this, I am always happy to provide students with in-depth knowledge and assist them in their learning path.


I have taught Latin, Greek, English, and French to the equivalent of GCSEs and A-levels in Italy for two years. With GuruMe, I have successfully prepared InChan (aged 13) in Latin and French for his Radley and Winchester Election exams.


I am fond of modern and contemporary art, theatre, French films, and contemporary dance.

Sung-won Y.


The tutoring was focused on French grammar and tenses, though whenever possible Anna would be more than happy to help out on Latin, which is her Passion as well as her Major. Cheers,