Raymond H.

University: Oxford

Degree Subject: Psychology (experimental)

Location: Oxford, Hong Kong

Teaching Subjects:
Psychology (experimental): University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Interview
A-Level: Chemistry, Psychology (experimental), Psychological and behavioural sciences
IB (HL): Psychology (experimental), Psychological and behavioural sciences
AP: Psychology (experimental), Psychological and behavioural sciences

Psychology blog

Oxford Psychology Interview

Q. Can you tip on any ‘Must mention’ areas in personal statement, e.g. society activity, degree related readings, work experience, academic competi...
By Raymond Ho.

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Review of <Predictably irrational> written by Dan Airely

Just to keep you interested in the book, I shan’t spoil the book further, but if you’re interested in how psychology could be used to influence jud...
By Raymond Ho.

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Favourite interview question

"Imagine that 100 people each put £1 into a pot for a prize that will go to the winner of a simple game. Each person has to choose a number between 0 and 100. The prize goes to the person whose number is closest to 2/3 of the average of all of the numbers chosen. What number will you choose, and why? "

About Myself

Analytical, energetic and super-keen! An Oxford Undergraduate Experimental Psychologist with a passion in neuroscience, psychiatry and music! I love my subject and I hope my passion could be "contagious", making everyone else love psychology as well...
I've done my A-Levels in the UK after 4 years of secondary school education in Hong Kong, making me fairly familiar with the new A-Level syllabus in Sciences (I was the first year to do it)

Tutoring Approach

I would analyze the learning styles of each tutee and create a personalized plan to help each of them to reach their potentials by breaking down challenging parts into simpler accessible ones. I believe no question is stupid, and that each opinion should be valued via in-depth discussions.

Even though I am studying for a BA, my A-Levels were science and mathematics based, with me designing and implementing award-winning experiments regarding topics I am curious about. This has helped me develop good grasp of how research questions in the interview would be like as well as being confident at teaching A-level Science and Maths.

Teaching Experience

I have volunteered as a weekend mathematics tutor for disadvantaged primary school students in Hong Kong, which allowed me to develop good lesson planning skills. I have had mentored various students for Oxbridge both in Hong Kong and the UK, analyzing and giving advice on personal statements, making mock interviews and acting as an Oxbridge mentor. I have also had experience in teaching English, IELTS and essay writing skills

Extracurricular Interests

I love singing! I have a Distinction in Grade 8 Singing, I have an active role in the choir, and can often be found on stage in performances. I also enjoy playing table tennis, reading cookbooks (often trying not to burn the kitchen to ashes), performing in musicals, and can also be found attending as many science lectures as possible!

Mengyao X.


The tuition focused on the areas that my interviewers specialised in. Some knowledge did used during my interviews. The preparing problem sheet made me feel so true and when I did the actual interviews, I feel less nervous.