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Team Viewer

Team Viewer offers in-built video chat, screen sharing and whiteboard system. Tutors share their screen with student(s) and open tuition materials, e.g. image files of graphs, diagram, pdf of past exam papers or even just a blank word document that students can see through the screensharing system. Using the whiteboard, both the tutor and student(s) can write, annotate, draw on the screen. Team Viewer can be downloaded at and be used for free under 'Non-commercial usage'.

Team Viewer can be downloaded by clicking

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    Admissions Test

    Personal Statement

    Team Viewer Usage (click the image)

    Skype & Awwapp/Google doc

    Awwapp is the optimal online whiteboard for maths, chemistry and physics that involve large amounts of equation drawings. No need to login or register, this is all in built within the website at and can be used on both pc, tablet and even on the phone (most effective on tablet).

    For uploading tuition materials onto the screen, screenshots of the materials can be inserted onto the google document.

    Awwapp/Gdoc usage (click the image)

    Signal not stable?


    If the line breaks sometimes, please use the following alternative video call options with team viewer alongside for the online whiteboard: qq, wechat and facetime (mac and ipad)