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About GuruMe

GuruMe is a network of undergraduates and graduates from top universities. We provide a platform connecting tutors offering academic expertise with students seeking support for UK university application and exam preparation. GuruMe was established to make top quality private tutoring more accessible and affordable by sourcing elite UK university students who are well educated, dedicated and responsible.

Our network of tutors are experts when it comes to the OxBridge application process, and they will guide you to attain a spot in your dream university. They are also well poised to share the footsteps they have taken and offer advice and guidance like a school senior would. Additionally, GuruMe provides a wealth of free resources that we hope you will find useful in your application process.

Our Team

Harry Lee


Harry began tutoring GCSE and IB students at the age of 17 and enjoys seeing his students achieve academic goals. Harry understands the difficulty faced by Oxbridge applicants and has been offering advice to chemistry and biochemistry applicants since university 3rd year. His aim is to improve the way students apply to world renowned institutions and to ultimately make a difference in the study abroad private tutoring industry.

Jian Wong

Director of Business Development

Jian began tutoring while taking his IGCSEs at the age of 16. For him, helping students ‘get’ a topic is a very rewarding experience. He has taught a variety of levels including IGCSEs, A Levels as well as English to refugees. Recently, however, he has found himself drawn to helping international students prepare for their Oxbridge applications. His time at Oxford has been amazing and he would gladly help anyone working hard to get in. There is a wealth of experience to be shared on navigating applications. All it needs is the right platform.

Arica Chan

Product Manager

Arica started her study in the UK since the age of 17. Without studying abroad, Arica would not have thought of studying in Cambridge, a world renowned university. Realising not all the students have the advantage of getting appropriate support from their school, Arica hopes to create more channels for students, especially international students, to improve and to achieve their goal in their future studies.

Leslie Ho

Online Community Builder

Leslie has a few years of tutoring experience. He also participated in a number of outreach and admissions events which included conferences with pre-university school teachers with the aim of familiarising them with the Oxford admissions process. Believing that additional interview preparation can make a difference, Leslie is dedicated to helping you secure a spot in a desired University.

Mark Zhao

Chief Technology Officer

Mark is a gifted computer scientist. Having studied computer sciences at Shanghai Jiatong University, he is adapt in using several programme languages. Mark enjoys teaching maths and has been actively doing charity teaching during his university years.

Toni Tang

UI/UX Designer

Toni is a master student at Shanghai Jiatong University majoring in industrial design. Passionate about designing and also communication with users, Toni is responsible for making sure GuruMe website is easy to use.

GuruMe Offers

University Admissions Mentoring

A-Level/ IB/ GCSE


Mostly online using GuruMe’s online tutoring software

Why Choose GuruMe

1. Honest Tuition

Every tutor’s profile displays detailed description of self-introduction/ teaching approach/ teaching experience and reviews from previous students for transparent honest tutor introduction. GuruMe’s affordable tuition fee corresponds to the level of teaching that each tutor can offer.

2. Strong Network of tutors

Network of 200+ both British, Chinese tutors in all subjects mostly from Oxford and Cambridge and also Imperial, LSE and other Russell Group universities ranging from undergraduates to PhDs.

3. Social Enterprise

Valuable resources available for free that includes degree subject specific personal statements for reference, application experience blogs and videos.