Tom S.

University: The University of Oxford

Degree Subject: Chemistry

Location: Bath / Oxford

Teaching Subjects:
Chemistry: University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Admissions Test, Oxbridge Interview
A-Level: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
IB (HL): Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
IB (SL): Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics
Pre-U: Physics, Chemistry

Favourite interview question

"What is 'turning you on' in chemistry at the moment?"

About Myself

Tom is a 3rd year undergraduate, reading at Brasenose College, Oxford for a Masters (MChem) in Chemistry. Prior to university, he was a student at Winchester College, with exemplary examination record. He achieved straight A*s at IGCSE, A-Level, and two D1's at Pre-U. He has a large amount of experience teaching, and really enjoys his subjects.

Tutoring Approach

My tutoring approach is relaxed and informal. I encourage the student to think for themselves, and to really engage with the subject. I prepare extensively beforehand, and believe that each tutorial should be structured to meet a specific student's requirements. I will guide students through tough problems and get them to challenge their current understanding of the subject. Gaining a clear understanding is essential to success in examinations, and will also make the studying more rewarding.

I am passionate about my subjects, and tutorials will be fun, engaging and productive.

I am happy to tutor all school ages, though am particularly familiar with GCSE/IGCSE and A-level/Pre-U. I am also keen to help students taking the Eton Kings Scholarship/Winchester Election papers, and those making Oxbridge applications in Chemistry.

Focused work around specifications and subject syllabus. Work mostly on past papers, though I will also help to provide better structure to revision and improve your overall understanding.

Help understanding syllabus topics and run through of past papers. Effective revision is essential at this stage. I will work with you to help plan your revision better, and run through key ideas, explaing them in a way that is clear to every student.

Eton Kings Scholarship/Winchester College Election
Experience going through both school's application processes. Advice tailored to individual students, I can help familiarise students with past papers and prepare them for interview.

Teaching Experience

4 months teaching English as a foreign language, to children, university students, and adults. Over 60 hours of 1-to-1 tutoring experience in London and Oxford. A semester working in the science department of an elementary school on the Upper East Side of New York.

Extracurricular Interests

Wide range of sport, such as Modern Pentathlon for the university, Tennis and Football for college, and Real Tennis and Cross Country. Enjoy going to talks and debates, music, socialising and volunteering. Spend vacations travelling, and studying abroad, such as in Sao Paulo last summer.

Ying Z.


I only had one mock interview with Tom and I learned a great deal from it. There was a really hard question in my actual oxford interview and I never would have figured it out in the first place if I didn't have that mock interview with Tom

Pinjie H.


I think that the mock interview is actually pretty useful and helpful to me

Eunjin M.


Waiting for Oxford chemistry interview results

I have done three mock interviews with Tom just a week before my actual Oxford interview. I can say with no doubt that he has been a great help. He brought really interesting and challenging questions. I was happy to get maths questions related to chemical functions as those are hard to find online and are very intriguing!

Not to mention, Tom is very patient and enthusiastic. He went through the question really well, making sure that he doesn't spoil the answer, but giving enough hints to work the way through, just like the real interview. Even when I forgot basic chemistry and made a fool of myself, he helped me to solve the problem no matter how much time it took. He encouraged me to tackle difficult questions so that I was able to have a go at the problems in a real interview without panicking too much.

Rather than giving little tips on how to get through an interview he went directly to the REAL Oxford interview, which I think was really the best thing to do. There really isn't a special way to go around the interview, but just confronting it and practicing in a similar environment repeatedly. And this helped me enormously: I learned from my own mistakes and I came to enjoy solving questions.

It's never too late to book a tuition with him a week before the interview. Tom is a well experienced, patient tutor who will help you to know your strength and weaknesses and become confident in the actual interview! :)