Arica C.

University: Cambridge

Degree Subject: Natural sciences (physical)

Location: Cambridge

Teaching Subjects:
Natural sciences (physical): University Q&A, Personal Statement, Oxbridge Interview
A-Level: Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics

Cambridge resources natural sciences

Cambridge Interview Experience - Natural Sciences (Physical)

They did not start with the "standard" questions like "why do you want to study this subject" etc. Instead, they asked me things I wrote in my pers...
By Arica Chan.

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About Myself

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Arica started her study in the UK since the age of 17. Without studying abroad, Arica would not have thought of studying in the world's renowned university. Realising that not all the students have the advantage of getting appropriate support from school, Arica hopes to create more channels for students, especially international students, to improve and to achieve their goal in their future studies.

Tutoring Approach

To understand student's weakness through problems and to explain different ways of approaching the question.

Teaching Experience

Tutored a student who had successfully got an offer from Cambridge.

Extracurricular Interests