Demystifying Oxbridge

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1 Jun 2020

Oxford Fine arts course experience

Life after studying Fine Art has so many opportunities! The Professional Practice Programme plays a key role in helping define a student’s future. ...
By James Lomax

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Evie blog

27 Jun 2018

Oxford Law course experience

Aside from its prestigious reputation, Oxford University offers a range of experiences and resources that truly make reading Law a unique experienc...
By Evie Towersey

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Oxford classics

6 Jun 2018

Course Introduction - Oxford Classics

First of all, it’s worth noting that Oxford has the largest Classics department in the world, with excellent libraries and facilities. It’s a four-...
By Sam Norman

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3 Sep 2017

Insights into Law at OxBridge

Here are some general insights into the study of Law at the University of Oxford or Cambridge.
By Leslie Ho

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Oxford classics

21 Jun 2016

Studying Classics at Oxford

Studying Classics at Oxford is a highly stimulating, challenging, and enriching experience. A four-year course, Classics offers students the chance...
By Anna Zanetti

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Resources oxford mathematics

5 Apr 2016

Oxford Mathematics vs Mathematics & Statistics

In the first year at Oxford, the Mathematics & Statistics course is identical to the Mathematics course. This means that you will have 5 exams at t...
By Peter Hill

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How to choose colelges

26 Oct 2015

How to choose Oxbridge colleges

Older colleges definitely have rooms that may need refurnishing. Extreme cases include, not being warm enough in the winter due to not tightly seal...
By GuruMe

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Oriel formal

21 Oct 2015

Oxford student life (Part II)

In summer, this is a very popular hobby amongst not just the students but Oxford citizens and tourists. During 1-2 hours of punting, in a group of ...
By GuruMe

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Subfusc 1

20 Oct 2015

Oxford student life (Part I)

I have to admit we celebrate the end of finals really well such that almost everyone comes out of the exam hall happy regardless of how they feel t...
By GuruMe

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