Accepted to Oxford University Part II

20 Oct 2015

Oxford accommodation

This was the accommodation building I stayed in. The outside of buildings are still the old traditional look but inside are all refurnished like this.

This is a picture of the room I was allocated. The room was considered to be a good room with a large desk, bed, a sofa and even a shower room.

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There were still 2 hours left till my next interview and I was very tired, almost sleepy. I decided not to sleep because I didn't want to be in a half-awake mode when I was being interviewed.

Second interview

The second interview's atmosphere was very different, 3 interviewers in a small low ceiling and very dim room. But they all greeted me with a smile:)

Now if the first interview was quite straight forward, I think of this as because my second interview was very difficult. Without much introduction, we went straight into the questions. In total the 3 interviewers asked me 4 questions in turns with the first interviewer ending up asking 2 questions.

I wasn't 100% happy with the answers I gave but I felt I showed enough to show that I can think logically, deliver my thinking process out loud clearly and, most importantly, discuss biochemistry with the interviewers, sometimes throwing back questions at the interviewers.

After the second interview
I was told that I will be notified whether I will be given a 3rd interview the next morning. That night, the 2 school friends and I felt like there wasn't needed to revise to the next day so we went to watch a film at Odeon.

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Next morning, I was told to stay until 4pm and go back to my school if I wasn't called for an interview. I wasn't.