Interview Experience at Oxford - Economics & Management

Rohan Arora, Oxford Economics and Management 2013- 2016
2 Jul 2015

Tell us about your interviews.

My interview was taken by 2 tutors (in 2 separate interviews) - one in Economics and one in Management. My Economics interview tested my ability with A level Maths concepts such as graph drawing and differentiation, combining this with an introduction to basic economic concepts on externalities by working through a problem step by step with a tutor. It also involved a discussion about inequality as I mentioned it on my personal statement. Management was much more focused on my interest in the field, and a discussion around how inequality could link with management concepts (involving me to come up with my own fresh ideas and defend my arguments). This was combined with a discussion on a graph about the size of different companies and explaining why they might differ - which current affairs came in use to answer.

What would you say was best done by you during your interview?

I feel it was the ability to think out loud, be creative, and take on board new ideas by the tutors - just as you would do in a tutorial.

What was your motivation in studying the subject?

My motivation was understanding how in a world where choice is becoming more and more necessary agents can make decisions- and tools to understand how people interact. Management interested me due to the ability to gain an insight into the details of how organisations work- and how complex systems came together to produce a functioning entity.

Advice for prospective applicants?

Read widely around the subject, and be able to articulate this in arguments you make. Ensure your mathematics at AS level is strong, particularly with regard to pure maths for graph drawing, differentiation and integration. Also, practice solving some mathematical economic problems.

Any more that you would share?

Good luck! If you would like to get in touch about more support and practice interviews please do not hesitate to do so.